Our Story

We start with a humble beginning, starting our journey with being an online marketing team in a well-established company. Founded in 2014, B-My-Dev Co., Ltd. previously known as Bodyshape Marketing Co., Ltd., has been pushing the company’s online capabilities to the point that the online sales grew 400% within 1 year while maintaining the budget at a fraction of what traditional media costs. We have established 6 well-known brands that are actively communicating with Thais all over the country and is continually improving ourselves in this field.

Today, B-My-Dev Co., Ltd. is challenging itself once more opening opportunities for Thai SMEs to build their online capabilities and increase their sales through a new medium of e-commerce and social commerce. Let us join you in your journey to build your online empire.

Our Expertise


As the fundamental piece of every online business, e-commerce is a must for every single business that wants to go online. Our team of website developers specialized in product description creation will guide you to create the professional shopping experience that will not only provide you with increased sales, but also provide you with a pool of CRM opportunities.

Social Commerce

Growing in a rapid pace and specially designed for the Thai culture, social commerce is the big trend that everyone knows is coming. We will assist you in creating your very own social commerce channels via Facebook / [email protected] as well as providing a one-stop solution that does all the talking while the only thing matters for you is the sales.

Content Creation

With tremendous experience in creating the best looking content for our dedicated customers aiming to create engagement, our team of graphic designers are ready at your disposal. We provide a professional looking artwork that can be used commercially to boost customer activity as well as creating the livelihood of your community.

Online Channels

Establishing ourselves among the top-tier online channels, we will push your product to be place in the vision of millions of online shoppers within a matter of days. We will not only limit ourselves to just online channels, but also include at-home medias such as TV shopping as well.


We are living in a digital era, where advertisements are transitioning from traditional media to digital media. With our history dealing with only online adverts, we excel at creating the best performing advertisements at a fraction of traditional media’s cost.

Marketing Strategy

As a team of marketing elites, our team of consultants can provide you with the optimal marketing strategies to fast forward the growth of your business. This also includes creating a whole new campaign and theme that will solidify your positioning in the market.

Branding Strategy

With entrepreneurial mindsets, we dedicated many of our time to create the brand that sticks. Every single product we’ve come across is treated as if it’s our own and we only want the best for you.

Operations Strategy

A whole new business model is likely to happen when shifting your business to online. This requires a whole new learning process that our team has had before and are eager to share it with you.

Our Projects

Trilogy Thailand

Launched in 2013, now a staple natural and organic skincare brand in Thailand. Active Facebook Fanpage and Instagram with over 60,000 followers combined. Now in leading cosmetic brand stores and a fully fledged counter-brand located in The Emporium Beauty Hall.

A new chapter for world’s organic skincare brand

Body Shape

The original masterpiece, Body Shape is an established brand recognized as Thailand’s leading slimming service provider. With the recent introduction of products division, online marketing and channels becomes the new medium for sales and promotional activities.

With an established fanbase of over 150,000 followers on facebook and instagram combined, Body Shape is Thailand’s leading health and beauty brand that sell products both online and offline.

Growing outside of the slimming center territory


A success story of an SME brand that has a great product and just need a great marketing strategy to push the product into the market. Launched on June 2017, Tormonto has grew over 1,500 fans and accumulates over 300,000 of sales revenue within 1 month. With the right guidance and the passion to push the brand to its limit, Tormonto is growing at a rapid pace aiming for exports opportunity.

A tell tale story of a SME brand growth explosion

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